Our outsourced services include game design and strategy, cross-platform development, art and animation, and data, QA, and project management.

Game Design & Strategy

Story & Game Balance

You have something set in outer space... Or an underground mine... Or a bowl filled with radioactive amobeas that only speak French. Whether your vision is just the gimmer of an idea, or a fully baked concept, we can help you design and balance a game that players will love.

Pack Updates

Updating content in your game is important to keeping users engaged and monetization up. Weaving a coherent and engaging story that keeps users coming back is critical. We'll design new content packs that not only engage users, but keep them clicking and consuming.

Game Sunsetting

Game design isn't always about building up. It can also be intelligently and profitable tearing down. If your game is still profitable but declining in users and revenue, we can free up your team to work on new ideas, while we gracefully and profitably sunset your existing title.

Game Development & Writing Great Code

Cross Platform Developmet

Unity. Check. PhoneGap. Check. Game Salad. Check. HTML5. Check. From scratch server builds with APIs to Facebook, iOS & Android. Check. If you want something developed for the Blackberry, you better find someone else. We don't play that game.

Native iOS & Android

Sometimes making the perfect app means tayloring it perfectly for each platform. We have extensive experience building for iOS and Android, and we undertand the subtle differences that can make the difference between a dud and a hit.

Facebook Integration

We are Facebook integration experts. We know the SDK inside and out, and we know how to program the social hooks in your game so that your viral lift can reach it's maximum potential.

2d/3d Art & Animation

Concept Art

Our concept art department provides inspiration based on your unique vision and feeds into your production pipeline - or the one that we've built for you.

Art & Animation Pipeline

We have a fully featured, hyper-efficient art production pipeline. We can fill your content packs with crazy fast efficiency and quality to match.

3D Modeling & Animation

Bring your game to life with expressive characters and realistic landscapes. Then throw in a dinasour stomping on a spaceship... When you think it's real, we know we're done.

Data, QA & Project Management

Data Entry

Believe it or not, we have a few of those rare folks that just love entering and checking game data. Yes, really. Yeah, they're a little sick in the head, but we love them - and you will too.


Great QA starts with a great plan, so that's where we begin. Every release goes through a methodical test matrix, ensuring that your next release will be error-free (except for that one edge case that only applies to people that live in a certain home in Montana).

Project Management

A schedule is irrelevant if you don't plan it properly or you can't hit it. Our experienced project managers have extensive pushing releases toward incremental improvements or major milestones. Put your game in our hands, sit back, and go to the beach.

Want to Get Started?

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! We're incredibly resourceful, and if we can't do it, we probably know someone who can. Karma, man.